How we help you


  • Read the needs of your child accurately and respond appropriately
  • Teach your child to fall asleep unassisted without rocking/use of a dummy/being fed to sleep/ being pushed in a pram
  • Move your child from co-sleeping in your bed into their own cot/bed/room (when you are ready)
  • Encourage your child to sleep for extended periods (according to their developmental ability)
  • Encourage your baby to stop night feeding (at the right developmental time)
  • Promote better daytime naps and extend their length
  • Resolve sleep problems in older children including night waking, not staying in own bed, night terrors, early morning waking
  • Put into practice suggested suitable feeding and sleeping routines which, when combined, will encourage better sleeping
  • Cope with more complex issues such as reflux and colic
  • NB** we do not give advice on underlying medical issues that affect sleep.



  • Assess your situation
  • Come to your home/meet you remotely via video call, get to know you and your child (we’re based in Newcastle, Co Down)
  • Choose methods which are child-centred, kind and sensitive to your family’s needs
  • Educate and guide you how to teach your child to sleep better
  • Empower you to have the skills and confidence to get your child into good sleep habits
  • Provide reassurance and support for you throughout our sleep training time together until you no longer need us.



  • Good quality sleep!
  • Happier, healthier and more enjoyable family times
  • The confidence and skills to maintain healthy sleep patterns and be the parent you know you can be, following your instinct more
  • A reduction of behavioural problems and therefore a reduction of your parental stress
  • The ability to cope better with a busy day knowing that once your child is in bed, you will have ‘me time’ followed by a good night’s sleep
  • Leave your child overnight with a relative knowing that they will sleep well and will therefore be invited back for another stay!
  • When your child has a regular nap routine, you get to do all those selfish activities like tidy up toys, chisel food from the high chair, do the washing, perform better at work…
  • When your child has a regular nap routine, you get to do all those other selfish activities like drinking a hot cup of tea, eating a hot meal in peace, spending more than 1 minute in the shower…
  • Move from just existing and surviving each day to living a full, fun life with your beautiful child(ren).

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