About the team

All our Sleep Consultants have successfully completed a rigorous training course with GoodNight Guidance founder, Suzanne Irvine. They have all been through chronic sleep deprivation themselves, worked their way out of it and are very passionate and excited to be out there helping other families achieve a happier family life… will their next family be yours?

Sleep Consultant
I was so happy to take my firstborn Caiti home. I just wanted to be the best Mummy I could be. But my baby wouldn’t  stop crying, screaming – hours and hours every day

Months passed and it was just getting harder and harder. She projectile vomited after every bottle. Trying to get someone to listen to me about the reflux and colic was impossible and exhausting. No one had the answers. We barely slept, I had post natal depression, my relationship was in bits… I felt like such a failure. Caiti eventually grew out of reflux, but our bad sleep habits continued to wake us both until she was 8 years old.

Then along came my second child Sophie, born by c-section and bringing the joys of silent reflux and CMPA with her! I thought because I had been through it before I would be more prepared, but her reflux presented itself in different ways and we had the added pressure of CMPA. It felt like history repeating itself. I was hoping to keep the PND black cloud away this time round, but it was raging through me. Sleep deprivation making it worse. Sophie wouldn’t settle for anyone but me, I was torn between helping her and giving my attention to Caiti. My relationship had broken down and I just felt like everything was a mess. Again.

Then I heard about GoodNight Guidance… it seemed too good to be true. Could this really work? Are the reviews real? It was worth a shot and yes, it turns out the reviews were – are – real! Sleep training worked! I still find I hard to put into words how GoodNight Guidance helped me. Within four days Sophie was sleeping 12 hours a night and I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I started to believe in myself again and have confidence in what I was doing as a Mummy. I started to enjoy motherhood again, having fun with my children instead of always feeling nervous and dreading each evening. I felt that I could handle her reflux and CMPA now that we weren’t sleep deprived, everything seemed more achievable. The change in our lives was truly amazing.

I feel empowered to work with families and show them that being a parent doesn’t mean you have to be continually exhausted, feel like a failure and not enjoy your children. I’m now the person who helps other families work their way out of sleep deprivation, and it is such a privilege.

Sleep benefits everyone and every relationship in your family and with our help we can support you on this journey to better sleep and a happier family life 🙂