You don’t have to live with exhausting sleep problems; sleep training with GoodNight Guidance is a realistic, kind and sensitive approach to teaching you how to help you and your child sleep better… sleep skills training.

Sleep is a learned skill and it doesn’t come naturally to all but fortunately most sleep problems are behavioural in nature which means they can be prevented and/or solved. Using kind, child-centred methods, GoodNight Guidance guides, empowers and supports without judgment while you and your child learn new skills to overcome your child’s sleep challenges and improve their sleeping patterns… and in doing so, helping your child be the best version of themselves they can be.

Our focus is not necessarily to help your child sleep through the night but rather to help them achieve the best sleep skills they can for their age and developmental stage, and for your family circumstances. Their character and your parenting style will determine which methods and techniques used, resulting in a personalised solution that is totally unique and tailored to your needs and those of your child.

For those young children who are still feeding, we improve sleep for both breast fed and formula fed children… we are pro breastfeeding, pro formula feeding, pro whatever way you have chosen to feed your child and, we are of course pro sleep. We are slowly – but surely – busting the myth that you have to choose to either breastfeed or to get good sleep. There really is no need to ‘ride it out’ as many mummies are advised to do, you can choose both; sleep and breastfeeding CAN go together for as long as you want to continue feeding.

Please note that we do not give advice on underlying medical issues that affect sleep.

Get in touch if you would like more information about how we work.

Please note that GoodNight Guidance will be closed for family fun from Friday 29th June, reopening on Monday 23rd July. Happy holidays 🙂

‘Sleep is the best meditation’

Dalai Lama